Parking and Transit Services Manual (PTS)

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Effective: 2/10/1956

Revised: 8/1/2021

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PTS 101: Parking Permit Sales and Vehicle Registration

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To describe the vehicle registration and parking permit sales process at ASU

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Arizona Revised Statutes §§ 15–1627, 28–2001
Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual - 5-102
ASU Parking Rules and Regulations

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Anyone operating or parking a vehicle at all ASU campuses

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Registration with the Permit Sales Office is required for all vehicles parked on university property, excluding those parked in areas designated for visitors.

Vehicle owners must register their vehicles and certify compliance with the State of Arizona Emissions Standards at the Permit Sales Office and purchase the proper parking permit in order to park in designated areas on campus.

Permit holders who desire to park in the same lot the following year may be required to renew their permits during the renewal period. Failure to renew during the renewal period may result in loss of parking privileges for that particular lot.

Faculty, staff, and students may purchase a parking permit for their vehicles in person or online. Parking permit renewals are also available using online services. Check transactions must be handled in person. All vehicles, regardless of the state registered, must acknowledge compliance with the State of Arizona Emissions Standards in order to receive a university parking permit to park on campus.

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Vehicle owners
  1. Register vehicles and purchase parking permits (with gate access permit)at the Permit Sales Office, Parking and Transit Services, or online.
  2. Furnish ASU ID card (or driver’s license), completed parking permit application, and vehicle license plate number(s); pay by check or authorized credit card, by payroll deduction for qualified faculty and staff, or by Bill to Student Account for students.
Permit Sales Office
  1. Verify the eligibility and identity of applicants before accepting payment.
  2. Input the data into the parking system.
  3. Issue a receipt and the ASU parking information material with each parking permit and gate-access keycard.
Vehicle owners
  1. Display the proper parking permit in registered vehicle(s) in accordance with the ASU Parking Rules and Regulations.
  2. Ensure that each motor vehicle registered to the parking permit remains in compliance with State of Arizona emissions standards during the entire registration period.


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For information on the authority and responsibility of Parking and Transit Services, see PTS 001, “Introduction.”

For information on temporary parking permits, see PTS 102, “Temporary Parking Permits.”

For information on special parking permits, see PTS 104, “Special “A” Permits, Gold Permits, All Access Campus Permits, and Vendor Permits.”

For information on transit permits (U-Pass), see PTS 601, “Transit Services.”

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