Parking and Transit Services Manual (PTS)

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Effective: 2/10/1956


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PTS 001: Introduction

The Board of Regents intends that Parking and Transit Services (PTS), an auxiliary, shall be financially self-supporting through the receipt of fees from all persons who park at Arizona State University (ASU).

The associate vice president for University Business Services has general responsibility for approving and adopting the ASU Parking Rules and Regulations (hereinafter Regulations) for ASU.

The day-to-day responsibility for these policies and procedures is assigned to the director of Parking and Transit Services.

PTS is responsible for balancing competing parking and transit needs and ensuring the most effective use of available parking space on all property owned or managed by ASU through effective administration of the Regulations. ASU vehicle registration and permit sales shall be in accordance with the Regulations. In the absence of definitive guidance from this source, city and state statute shall be applied as much as practicable as determined by PTS.

PTS annually publishes the Regulations on the website and within the Parking Permit Suite and upon request distributes copies to the university community. Anyone who parks or operates a vehicle at ASU must comply with all the provisions in the Regulations and may submit written suggestions to PTS.

Corrections, changes, or suggestions should be communicated to the PTS manual coordinator.

In the event of an inconsistency or conflict, applicable law and Board of Regents’ policies supersede university policies and university policies supersede college, department or lower unit bylaws, policies, or guidelines.

The university reserves the right to add, amend, or revoke any of the contained rules, policies, regulations, and instructions or incorporate additional ones, with or without notice, as circumstances or the good of the university community may require. The most current information can be found on the PTS website.

The online manual replaces earlier printed versions, which are no longer provided nor distributed. A printout of this manual, and each change to this manual, created from the original text source for the online version, is retained permanently as an official record at University Archives and is available for inspection. Printouts of all revisions to online manuals will be similarly available.

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