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Effective: 5/9/1988

Revised: 11/1/2014

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PDP 202–03: Sales and Service of Alcoholic Beverages

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To allow the service of alcohol at designated events and locations on ASU property

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Arizona Revised Statutes § 4–244
Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual – 5-108

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All individuals and groups desiring to serve alcohol at an event on ASU property

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ASU supports the strict enforcement of Arizona’s liquor laws. The source regulations incorporate by reference such laws, and violations of state law shall be considered a violation of the regulations and these policies and procedures. Individuals and groups requesting presidential approval to serve alcohol should familiarize themselves with the applicable state law. Additionally, they should be aware of the following requirements:

  1. No person shall sell, furnish, or give alcoholic beverages to any person under the age of 21.
  2. No person under the age of 19 shall be allowed to sell or serve alcoholic beverages.
  3. No person authorized to sell or serve alcoholic beverages may consume such beverages while they are so engaged or employed.
  4. No person may serve or sell alcoholic beverages to any intoxicated or disorderly person, and such intoxicated persons shall not be allowed to remain on or about premises in which alcoholic beverages are furnished for more than 30 minutes after the state of intoxication is known or should be known to a person selling or serving alcoholic beverages.
  5. Any person authorized to serve alcoholic beverages who has reason to question whether the person ordering or attempting to order alcoholic beverages is under the age of 21 shall require that person to show an identification card that includes a photograph proving that the individual is at least 21 years of age.
  6. Pursuant to Board of Regents’ policy 5-108, the sale and/or service of alcohol on university property is subject to the discretion and approval of the president. This policy sets forth the extent of the president’s approval and the rules and procedures for the authorization of the sale and/or service of alcohol at ASU.

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Supervision and Control

Any sale of alcohol under these procedures must be by a liquor licensee. Complimentary alcohol may be provided by a host, so long as no state-appropriated funds are used to purchase alcoholic beverages. In such instances, alcohol will be served by a Insurance Services-approved licensed university food service contractor pursuant to procedures and charges (e.g., labor, supplies) subject to approval by Insurance Services and the director of the Memorial Union if the food service provider is serving pursuant to the food service agreement relating to the Memorial Union, or other appropriate university official if the food service provider is serving pursuant to the public event food service agreement or other appropriate agreement. Additionally:

  1. A university representative shall be present at any event at which alcohol is served.
  2. Nonalcoholic beverages shall always be available.
  3. Food shall ordinarily be available.
  4. The requester also shall defray all costs of any required security services and also pay insurance costs as determined by Insurance Services.
  5. Alcohol may be consumed only in the approved location.
  6. Open inspection by the Arizona Department of Liquor Control or officers from the police department may occur at any time.


All state and local liquor licensing requirements must be followed in order to sell alcohol on university property. The president has authorized the sale of alcohol by licensed distributors only, and that authorization is limited to the following events and locations:

  1. cultural and entertainment events at the Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium at which the primary participants in the event are not students and the event is not designed to appeal primarily to a student audience
  2. selected sporting events and concerts
  3. the University Club


  4. other designated events and locations approved by the president.


Pursuant to Board of Regents’ policy 5-108, the president has approved the service of alcohol for certain designated events at certain locations as identified below. Anyone desiring to serve alcohol at an authorized event and location must obtain an approved Permit to Serve Alcoholic Beverages pursuant to the procedures outlined below.

Designated Events

The president has approved the service of alcohol at the following types of events:

  1. cultural and entertainment events at which the primary participants in the event are not students and the event is not designed to appeal primarily to a student or family audience
  2. university-sponsored continuing education events or conferences
  3. invitational events
  4. tailgating events as described below (beer and wine only)


  5. other designated events as may be specifically approved by the president from time to time.


The service of alcohol at designated events has been approved by the president for the following locations only:

  1. Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium
  2. Louise Lincoln Kerr Cultural Center
  3. Sun Devil Stadium
  4. Wells Fargo Arena
  5. Memorial Union
  6. University Club
  7. Old Main
  8. President’s Club Parking Lot (north of stadium area)
  9. Nelson Fine Arts Center (ASU Art Museum, Music Building, and Plaza)


  10. other locations specifically approved by the chief of police.

Tailgate Authorization

The president has authorized the consumption of beer and wine, but not other spirituous liquor, at tailgate parties on the day football games will be played at Sun Devil Stadium. The consumption of beer and wine is limited to ASU at Tempe campus parking lots and is subject to such restrictions and requirements posted by Sun Devil Athletics or that ASU PD may impose from time to time. All tailgate party attendees are required to comply with the instructions of ASU PD officials.

The consumption of beer and wine at tailgate parties in accordance with this section does not require a permit. However, the provision and/or service of alcohol to more than 20 guests requires a permit. The sale of alcoholic beverages at tailgate parties is prohibited unless specifically approved by the president or designee pursuant to this policy.

Containers used for consumption must be made of aluminum or plastic. No glass containers or bottles are allowed. No kegs or common source of alcohol are permitted. Sponsored tailgates may apply for permits processed through Arizona State University or the City of Tempe.

“Drinking games,” defined by participation that requires one or more persons to consume alcohol, are prohibited. Common games included in this prohibition are “beer pong” and “quarters,” to name a few examples. Also prohibited are devices that promote the rapid consumption of alcohol; these devices are commonly known as “beer bongs.” This prohibition also includes “shotgunning” beer, when a hole punched in the container causes the beer to flow freely because of venting.

This procedure may be supplemented by procedures applicable to those facilities identified in the “Locations” section.D

Applicant/University representative
  1. Obtain the Permit to Serve Alcoholic Beverages on Campus form, also available at the ASU Police Department (ASU PD) visitor counter, the Office of General Counsel, or Insurance Services.
  2. Complete the front page of the form. Read the second page and post it after approval. Submit the completed form at least two weeks before the scheduled event date by one of the following options:  in person to the Insurance Services Office, through campus mail (mail code 6412), or by fax to 480/965–0736.
Insurance Services
  1. Review the application and indicate approval or disapproval or requires review by ASU PD.
If the application is referred to ASU PD for approval:
ASU Police Department
  1. Review the application and indicate approval or disapproval. Return to Insurance Services.
Insurance Services
  1. Review the application, notify the applicant of approval or disapproval, and fax the approved application to the applicant.
Applicant/University representative
  1. Collect the approved application at Insurance Services if the form cannot be faxed.
  2. Display the approved application and the second page at the event.
  3. Attend the event and ensure compliance with the regulations for alcohol service.


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Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the president. The mere approval of any event or location within this policy does not in any way prevent the president or the ASU PD from denying approval for any specific event. Arizona Board of Regents’ policy 5-108 gives the president the ultimate and final say and/or approval regarding alcohol on campus.

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For more information about campus events at which alcohol is served, see the Environmental Health & Safety Policies and Procedures Manual—EHS 705–04, “Alcohol Permit Insurance Requirements.”

See also the Student Services Manual:

  1. SSM 106–03, “Alcohol and Other Drugs on Campus”
  2. SSM 801–01, “General Building Rules”


  3. SSM 801–03, “Food Services.”

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