Police Department Manual (PDP)

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Effective: 6/26/1984

Revised: 11/1/2008

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PDP 102–01: Bomb Threat

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To provide guidelines for handling a phone-in bomb threat

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Arizona State University Emergency Operations Manual

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When a bomb threat is received, try to keep the caller on the line to gain as much information as possible. Important questions include: where is the device, the detonation time, a description of the device or devices, etc. If possible, notify another person in the immediate area to call 911 and have them relay information to the call taker. If alone, gather as much information as possible and call for emergency assistance as soon as the call with the person making the threat is terminated.

If you call from a cellular phone from any of the four campuses, immediately notify the call taker of your location and you will be routed, if needed, to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Calls made from hard-line (desk) phones should automatically be routed to the appropriate agency.

Note: The Phoenix Police Department will handle calls for the Downtown Phoenix campus and the Scottsdale Police Department, for the SkySong campus.

Upon arrival, police officers will meet with the responsible party (RP) for the building or location and make a determination whether or not an evacuation will be ordered. The decision to evacuate should always be that of the RP, unless ASU PD believes it is in the public’s and/or the university’s best interest to evacuate.

The following is a more complete list of questions the call taker might/should ask given the opportunity:

  1. When is the bomb going to explode?
  2. Where is the bomb right now?
  3. What kind of bomb is it?
  4. What does it look like?
  5. Where did you place the bomb?
  6. What will cause it to explode?
  7. Where are you calling from?
  8. What is your name?
  9. What is your address?
  10. Did you place this bomb?
  11. Why did you place this bomb?

Information obtained should immediately be given to the police department.

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For more information on reporting emergencies, see:

  1. PDP 101–01, “Reporting an Emergency”


  2. PDP 101–04, “Emergency Evacuation.”

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