Police Department Manual (PDP)

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Effective: 3/7/2000

Revised: 3/1/2023

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PDP 101–05: Installation of Emergency Call Boxes


To provide guidance for the purchase, installation, maintenance, and replacement of emergency call boxes


ASU Police Department


Emergency call boxes are installed at various locations on all campuses to improve safety and provide an immediate way to summon emergency personnel.

Locations for new or relocation of existing call boxes are made by the following departments working together: the ASU Police Department (ASU PD), Facilities Management, Telephone Services, and members from the involved ASU community. Representatives from these constituencies shall comprise an ad-hoc committee, chaired by the chief or a designee.

The normal criteria for determining a new location or relocation of an existing call box involves consideration of the following:

  1. crime and accident analysis of an area
  2. response to a request or community concerns
  3. proximity to other emergency phones


  4. inherent risk to personal safety without the proposed phone.

Installation of an emergency call box in a parking structure will mandate that a representative from Parking and Transit Services (PTS) is present when the ad-hoc committee meets. Their role will be to evaluate the need and determine the most suitable location.

Normally, emergency call boxes will not be installed in building interiors since regular telephone lines allow access to enhanced 911 services. If installation of a call box is proposed in a building, a representative from that building shall be involved to determine the most suitable location.

Call boxes installed on campus grounds or surface lots will be funded with plant funds requested by Facilities Management. Call boxes installed in parking structures will be funded by PTS. Call boxes installed in a building will be paid for by the department requesting the call box.

Quarterly call box inspections will be done by the ASU PD. Daily checks of the phone lines will be completed by Telephone Service; maintenance unrelated to the telephone lines will be performed by Facilities Management.


Installation of Emergency Call Boxes

ASU Police Department (ASU PD) committee
  1. Review request for installation of an emergency call box by using established criteria as defined in this policy.
If the application is not approved:
  1. Documents are retained on file at the ASU Police Department and the requestor is notified of the reason for denial.
If the application is approved:
Committee and Facilities Management
  1. Commit funds and coordinate for installation.
If installation of emergency call box is required in a parking structure:
Parking and Transit Services
  1. Evaluate the need and determine the most suitable location.

Operational Inspections and Maintenance

ASU Police Department (ASU PD)
  1. Maintain records and assume responsibility for all call box systems.
  1. Check all call boxes each month.
Telephone Services
  1. Conduct daily line continuity checks and repair any line outages as soon as they are discovered.
If a malfunctioning call box is identified during a functional check:
ASU Police
  1. Report the malfunctioning call box to Facilities Management and/or Telephone Services as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after the discovery of the malfunction.
Facilities Management
  1. Repair all defective call boxes, except for defective phone lines.



For more information on call boxes, see PDP 101–02, “Emergency Call Boxes.”

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