Police Department Manual (PDP)

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Effective: 1/7/1974

Revised: 3/1/2010

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PDP 101–04: Emergency Evacuation

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To provide guidance for appropriate action during an emergency evacuation of one or more buildings or the entire campus

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Arizona State University Emergency Operations Manual

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Evacuation of Buildings

If the evacuation of one or more buildings is necessary, emergency personnel may alert evacuees using one or more of the following methods: telephone (Reverse 911), door-to-door, portable bull horn, fire alarm, public address system, or the campus alert system.

When notified, occupants should immediately begin an orderly evacuation of the building by the nearest exit or as advised otherwise. Elevators may not be the most appropriate way to exit, especially in the event of a fire.

Evacuees should assemble at predesignated locations unless otherwise instructed by emergency responders at the scene or by training received prior to the event (e.g., bomb threats, active shooter situations, or workplace violence). Occupants will be told when they can re-enter the building. In areas that house commercial businesses, owners/occupants of those businesses will be given the opportunity to re-enter first to prepare for customers unless the situation dictates otherwise.


Exits must be free at all times of obstructions, including combustible materials, furniture, refuse, or other stored items. Exit doors may not be obscured, secured, or concealed in any way with decorations such as mirrors or draperies. Fire exit doors must remain closed at all times; however, they must remain serviceable for evacuees during an emergency.

Evacuating Persons with Disabilities

The notification, protection, evacuation, transportation, and medical attention of persons with special needs will be given the highest priority in all emergencies. The order to evacuate will be determined by incident or by the emergency personnel responding to the incident. In either case, when an evacuation is ordered, persons with disabilities should go immediately to areas of refuge or next to the nearest stairwell taking care not to block the path of others. The actual and physical evacuation of persons with disabilities will only be performed during genuine emergencies by trained personnel. Unless special circumstances exist, they will not be moved during regular drills or false alarms.

Evacuees should help those with disabilities only to the extent they do not endanger themselves. Upon exiting, notify emergency personnel of the disabled persons’ last known location.

Staging Areas

In the event of a building, an area, or an entire campus evacuation, you will be notified where staging areas will be established.

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