Property Control System Manual (PCS)

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Effective: 3/1/1984

Revised: 3/1/2019

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PCS 902: Personal Use of University Equipment

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To restrict the personal use of university- and sponsor-owned equipment

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Capital Assets Management (CAM)

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The university prohibits personal use of university- or sponsor-owned equipment.

Permissible Use of University-Owned Equipment

University-owned equipment may be used only for university purposes. Permissible university purposes include the following:

  1. an individual’s performance of assigned duties at ASU
  2. a faculty member’s research
  3. ASU course work
  4. an individual’s service to a nonprofit professional association or community organization where the individual is not receiving any remuneration


  5. other activities as approved by the individual’s department chair, dean, or director.

Permissible Use of Sponsor-Owned Equipment

Sponsor-owned equipment may be used only for its intended purpose outlined in the contract or grant.

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