Property Control System Manual (PCS)

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Effective: 3/1/1984

Revised: 7/1/2007

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PCS 1103: Lost or Stolen Personally Owned Equipment

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To clarify the university’s position on personally owned equipment that is lost or stolen on campus

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Property Control

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ASU does not accept responsibility for personally owned equipment that is lost or stolen. However, if personally owned property is being used for university business, generally the property will be covered by Insurance Services. Exceptions include stereo equipment, radios, pictures, paintings, fans, and general property not to be used for university purposes.

Property Control suggests that individuals who have personally owned equipment on campus take the following precautions to avoid the possibility of its being mistaken for ASU equipment:

  1. Mark the equipment for identification of ownership.
  2. Provide the department head with a list of personally owned equipment being used for university purposes.

Should confusion arise, proof of ownership will lie with the individual, not with ASU.

Note: The ASU Police Department marks personally owned equipment if requested.

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For information on having ASU PD mark personally owned equipment, see the Police Department Policies and Procedures Manual—PDP 201–01, “Operation Identification.”

For information on reporting lost, stolen, or found property, see:

  1. The Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual—ACD 808, “Lost, Stolen, or Found Property”
  2. The Police Department Policies and Procedures Manual—PDP 203–02, “Reporting Property Crimes”


  3. The Student Services Manual—SSM 801–05, “Lost and Found Items.”

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