Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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Effective: 6/21/1983

Revised: 3/1/2005

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FIN 515: University-Sponsored Travel Credit Card

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To provide university travelers with a university-sponsored travel credit card for business-related expenses

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Financial Services

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Diners Club University Travel Card

Diners Club university travel cards are available to employees for traveling on university business. A travel card reduces the need for the traveler to carry large amounts of cash or traveler’s checks and reduces the need for a travel advance. The cards are issued by Diners Club International at no annual fee to the cardholder.


Employees who travel on university business or have reimbursable business expenses, and who meet the requirements of Diners Club are eligible to receive travel cards. Basic requirements for issuance are an annual income of more than $15,000 and good credit. Spouses of employees are not eligible for the travel card unless they are employed by ASU.


The Diners Club university travel card application and additional information is available on the Financial Services Travel Page.

Travel Cardholder Responsibilities

Travel cards are issued to employees for charging business-related travel expenses and other reimbursable expenses. Employees are liable for all charges to the account in accordance with the agreement between Diners Club and the employee. The university is not liable to Diners Club for any charges to an individual’s account.

Billing and Payment

Employees must pay each monthly statement in full to Diners Club. Diners Club does not allow revolving credit terms for the travel card, and any amount outstanding by the next billing statement is considered delinquent and may be assessed a delinquency charge. The university does not reimburse employees for delinquency charges.

Use at ATMs

The Diners Club travel card may be used to obtain cash advances at over 450,000 Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) worldwide. Cash advances are limited to $300 per week while in travel status. Amounts obtained as cash advances will be charged to the employee’s travel card and it is the employee’s responsibility to pay the charges in full to Diners Club. Travelers will be reimbursed allowable travel expenses paid from a cash advance through the normal travel claim process.

Each time a cash advance is obtained, Diners Club will charge the traveler a $6 ATM fee. The issuing bank may also charge a surcharge, usually around $2, for use of its ATM. With department approval, travelers may claim ATM charges of up to $8 per trip, or $8 per week for trips longer than a week, as reimbursable expenses when preparing their travel claim.


The travel card is valid only while the cardholder is employed by ASU. The travel card must be surrendered to Travel Reimbursements upon termination of employment.

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