Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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Effective: 6/21/1983

Revised: 3/1/2008

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FIN 502: Travel Overview

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To allow university employees to travel on official university business. Also, on an as-needed basis, to allow students to travel when specifically approved by the college or department

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Internal Revenue Service
Arizona Revised Statutes §§ 38–621 to –627
State of Arizona Travel Regulations
University policy

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Employee travel for in-state, out-of-state, and foreign travel regardless of funding sources and, on an as-needed basis, student travel when specifically approved by the college or department

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The ASU Travel Policy and permitted reimbursements are based on Arizona Board of Regents’ Policy, which indicates that the universities are to follow applicable state statutes and regulations.

The State of Arizona Travel Regulations contain the permitted reimbursement amounts relating to mileage, lodging, and meal/incidental expenses, and have been incorporated into the ASU Travel Policy. The Joint Legislative Budget Committee approves the reimbursement amounts contained in the State of Arizona Travel Regulations. Internal Revenue Service regulations provide that employee travel expenses that are reimbursed by ASU according to qualified policies and procedures do not result in taxable income to the employee.

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All authorized travelers representing ASU may be reimbursed for their own travel expenses as permitted by law and ASU policy. Each department is responsible for providing direction and information about approved travel to its personnel.

Note: Questions about this policy or the travel forms may be directed to Travel Reimbursements (480/965–3111 for the Tempe campus or 602/543–6717 for the West campus). Also, refer to the Financial Services Travel Page on the Web.

Authorization to Travel

The university shall authorize employee travel in accordance with the following principles.

  1. All travel arrangements should reflect an understanding of the travel policy.
  2. Travel is usually warranted when personal contact is the most economical method of conducting university business.
  3. Representation by university employees at a convention or meeting outside of the state is to be held to a minimum; usually one person is permitted.
  4. Employees may attend educational or training seminars if funds are available and such education or training is not available in Arizona and is directly job related.
  5. The most economical method of transportation is to be selected in terms of expense to the university and the employee’s time away from the office.

Out-of-state travel and foreign travel require the written approval of an authorizing travel official. In-state travel requires verbal and/or written approval of the employee’s supervisor. For all types of travel, the traveler must obtain approval before departing on the trip.

Obtaining Travel Forms

The Travel Authorization/Claim form and the In-State Travel Authorization/Claim form are available from the Financial Services Forms Page.

The following team/group travel-related forms may be obtained from Travel Reimbursements:

  1. Student Team/Group Travel Authorization form
  2. Travel Manifest for Team/Group Travel form
  3. Travel Expense Claim form


  4. Meal Money Form.

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