Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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Effective: 7/5/1985

Revised: 7/1/2022

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FIN 421–02: Interviewees

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To permit payment of interviewee expenses

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University policy

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An interviewee is an applicant who is interviewing for an authorized position at ASU. Reasonable and properly supported interviewee expenses can be paid by the university.

Interviewee expenses are prohibited on general operating accounts with the exception of specific accounts that have been approved by the Office of the Provost of the University.

It is recommended that interviewees pay for expenses from personal funds and then request reimbursement. Payments in excess of the standard amounts provided by the Arizona Department of Administration must be authorized in advance by the hosting department and may, at the discretion of Financial Services, require approval of the area’s provost/vice provost/vice president. Current rates can be found on the Financial Services Travel Page.

As there are not foreign tax considerations for interviewee expenses, foreign documentation is not required to be attached to any reimbursement request.

Airline Tickets

While it is recommended that interviewees make their own airline reservations, pay for their tickets, and then request reimbursement from the university. Departments may also use one of the university’s contracted travel agencies for prepaid travel of interviewees and other university guests. (See the Financial Services Travel Page for a listing of contracted travel agencies.)

Transportation by a scheduled flight is paid at the lowest airfare available on the date of the flight, excluding excursion or economy fares. If a candidate takes a side trip for another interview, ASU will divide the transportation cost with the other organization proportionally. If the side trip is personal, the candidate should assume a proportionate share of the airfare.

If the department chooses to pay for the flights directly, the department will need to maintain clear documentation in their files to support the expense. The dollar amount of the prepaid airline ticket should not be included on the interviewee’s expense reimbursement claim. If the interviewee cancels the interview, it is the department’s responsibility to make sure that the prepaid ticket is canceled and the money refunded.

Lodging and Food

Room charges at single occupant rates are paid. Receipts for hotel charges must be attached to the reimbursement request, itemized receipts are preferred and may be required in certain circumstances before reimbursement is made.

Meals are reimbursed at actual cost. Original receipts (itemized when available) are required for meals in excess of the allowed rates for Maricopa County. Interviewees should not claim reimbursement for meals provided at no cost.

Total meal and lodging expenses in excess of allowed rates for Maricopa County will require a written justification by the department authorizing reimbursement.

Instead of the interviewee paying hotel charges personally, a department can request that the university pay the hotel directly for the interviewee’s stay. The department should request that the hotel bill ASU. When the invoice is received, the department is not required to process a purchase order and should submit a supplier invoice to pay the hotel. The department can also use its ASU Purchasing Card to pay the hotel directly. The department is required to keep the hotel invoice on file and available for review for the retention period outlines in FIN 103.

The PV document number or Purchasing Card number should be listed by the department on the interviewee’s expense summary. The dollar amount of hotel/motel charges is not, however, to be included on the interviewee’s expense reimbursement claim.


Mileage incurred on the interviewee’s personal vehicle to travel from home to the airport and back home is paid at the current mileage rate allowed by the Arizona State Department of Administration. Mileage reimbursement is in lieu of reimbursement for original gas receipts. An interviewee may also claim reimbursement for mileage if a personal vehicle is used for transportation to a university campus location; however, the reimbursement can be no higher than airfare to the campus or mileage by the most direct route, based on least cost to the university.

Transportation costs such as charges for airport limousines and taxicabs are paid if hotel courtesy shuttle is not available.

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