Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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Effective: 3/18/1985

Revised: 7/1/2019

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FIN 206: Administrative Services Charge

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To assess administrative services charges on university expenditures

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University policy

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The administrative services charge allows local accounts to share in the cost of university administrative services that benefit local accounts. These services include accounting, information technology, budgeting, campus security, facilities planning, fiscal transactions processing, human resources, legal, payroll, and purchasing services. The administrative services charge can fluctuate from year to year; the administrative services charge at the date of this procedural update is 8.50 percent of expenditures.

This charge is made to all University funds, except for those in the following areas:

  1. General Operating Funds
  2. Sponsored Projects
  3. Student Loans/Financial Assistance
  4. Plant Funds
  5. Selected Custodial and Clearing Funds
  6. Special Class Fee/Deposit Accounts
  7. Eminent Scholars Accounts
  8. Technology and Research Initiative Funds (TRIF) Accounts
  9. Gift Accounts


  10. General Administrative Common Service Units, e.g., local accounts which are funded from the administrative services charge.

The administrative service charge is assessed to all expenditures made on eligible accounts except for:

  1. Payments for Student Financial Assistance
  2. Cost of Sales, which includes:
    1. all goods purchased by a unit for resale and reported on the university’s accounting records as inventory purchases
    2. all services provided for a unit by an off-campus contractor when the cost of the service is billed separately and the service is a major source of revenue for the unit, e.g., lab fees billed to students by ASU Health Services. Expenditures that are not billed separately are not exempt from the administrative services charge.
    3. artist fees for Events Administration
    4. guarantees paid for Sun Devil Athletics
    5. food services purchased by Residential Life and billed as a board charge
    6. and

    7. payments made by Parking and Transit Services (PTS) for shuttle buses


  3. Other items as approved by the Office of Planning and Budget.

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