Facilities Management Manual (FAC)

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Effective: 7/1/1988

Revised: 11/1/2017

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FAC 204: Operation and Maintenance of University Vehicles

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To define rules and regulations for the operation of University owned and leased vehicles

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Arizona Revised Statutes §§ 28–403, –909; 49–541; 41–803 et seq.
Arizona State University Facilities Development and Management

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All university owned and leased vehicles

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A university vehicle is defined as any car, truck, van, SUV, cart, motorcycle, or other licensed means of transportation owned or leased long-term by the university, for use by university officers, employees, students, and volunteers on official business. A long-term lease is one that equals or exceeds one calendar year. All policies shall be followed unless an exception has been granted by the executive vice president, treasurer and chief financial officer (CFO) or designee.

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University vehicles shall bear state governmental license plates and registration. It is the responsibility of the Facilities Management Fleet Program Coordinator to process all purchased and leased vehicles for the purposes of title and registration. Original vehicle titles for purchased vehicles will be held by the office of University Business Services Materials Management.

Clean Air/Emissions Control

Emission inspections shall be conducted according to Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-541. Government vehicles are subject to the same testing requirements and frequency as private vehicles. Departments are responsible for ensuring emissions testing is complete for vehicles for which they are responsible. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) website provides the information necessary to complete the inspection process. Emission inspection stickers are placed on the lower corner of the driver-side rear windshield. Completed emission inspection paperwork must be forwarded to Tempe Campus Facilities Management. Emission certifying of vehicles is a department responsibility and failure to do so will result in fines.

Alternate Energy Fuel Economy Program/Vehicle Acquisition

University vehicles shall be purchased or leased in accordance with the Clean Air Act of 1990, the Energy Policy Act of 1992, and Arizona Revised Statutes § 41–803.

All vehicle purchases or leases must be approved in writing by the Facilities Management Fleet Program Coordinator and ASU Purchasing to ensure that vehicles meet the guidelines of this policy. Refer to PUR 401-07, "Vehicles", for policies regarding the purchase and lease of vehicles.

Vehicle Marking and Identification

University vehicles are identified by standard markings. These markings shall comply with the University Graphic Standard. Markings shall be of the size and appearance indicated below. (See also FAC 204A for an image example of the ASU Standard Vehicle Marking Identification.)

Standard Markings

The ASU decal is displayed on both driver and passenger doors of vehicles, or on the outside rear panels of carts. Vehicle "wraps" such as those promoting a particular department or school are not allowed unless an exception has been granted.

Numbering System

All university vehicles use the following numbering system:

  1. All vehicles use a four- or five-digit number.
  2. The first and second digits are the model year of the vehicle. The next two or three digits are assigned by Fleet Program Coordinator in the order of purchase for the model year.

Extraneous Markings

No permits, stickers, signs, or other markings are allowed on any university vehicle, other than official university markings. This also applies to vehicles or carts that are donated to the university.

Smoking in University Vehicles

Smoking is prohibited in all university vehicles.

Seat Belts

All University vehicles shall have original equipment manufactured seat belts installed for all seating positions at the time of the vehicle purchase or lease. Seat belts are to be maintained in good operating condition. Drivers and all occupants of university-owned vehicles and leased vehicles used for university business are required to wear a properly fastened seat belt.

Proof of Insurance

Proof of insurance or “evidence of financial responsibility” is satisfied by display of the designation “Arizona State University” on the vehicle. A State of Arizona insurance card must be maintained in any vehicle traveling to Mexico.

Insurance Coverage

The Arizona Department of Administration, Risk Management Section (RMS), maintains property (physical damage) and liability insurance coverage for university-owned vehicles in accordance with state law and regulations. The property and liability coverage for university-owned, leased, and rental vehicles is provided on a primary basis. RMS provides liability only coverage on an excess basis for privately owned vehicles utilized for official business of the university; coverage for physical damage to privately owned vehicles is not provided. RMS does not provide medical payment coverage for occupants of any vehicle used for university business.

Accident Reporting

A written report must be made on all motor vehicle accidents, regardless of the amount of damage, within 24 hours of the time of the accident, using the forms supplied by the investigating officer at the scene of the accident and by ASU Environmental Health & Safety/Insurance Services. ASU Environmental Health & Safety/Insurance Services must receive the report or report number as soon as possible after the accident. If another driver is involved, the operator should ask the other driver to fill out the police-provided courtesy cards. Names and telephone numbers of any witnesses should also be obtained. Vehicle operators must take drivable vehicles to two automobile body shops for repair estimates. Operators must return the vehicle to the university and deliver the estimates to ASU Environmental Health & Safety/Insurance Services for insurance processing.

For non-drivable vehicles, the responsible department shall secure the vehicle from the towed location (e.g., police impound), have the vehicle removed to ASU Surplus and make arrangements for obtaining two automobile body shop repair estimates. Responsible departments should then deliver estimates to ASU Environmental Health & Safety/Insurance Services for insurance processing.

ASU and its officers, agents, and employees shall cooperate with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and Department of Administration and their representatives and shall provide all information and materials required for adequate investigation and resolution of insurance claims.


University officers, employees, students, and volunteers are personally responsible for the prompt payment of fines for any traffic or parking citations received while driving a university vehicle. Under no circumstances shall citations be paid with university funds. Citations received by Facilities Development and Management (FDM) will be forwarded to the departmental vehicle point of contact (VPOC) for review and resolution.

Care of Vehicles

Departments are expected to perform regular maintenance as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Employees operating university vehicles must ensure that:

  1. the vehicle is operated safely and in a manner as prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer


  2. vehicles are kept clean and litter free

An employee operating a university vehicle is the final authority as to the vehicle’s operating status. If the employee determines the vehicle is not safe to operate, the vehicle must be removed from service until the vehicle undergoes a safety check by a qualified mechanic and necessary repairs are completed.

All safety discrepancies must be reported to the head of the responsible department immediately for repair. Under no circumstances shall an unsafe vehicle be operated. Safety discrepancies include but are not limited to:

  1. brakes
  2. lighting and signals
  3. steering
  4. fuel leaks
  5. tires


  6. any discrepancy that hinders efficient and safe operation of the vehicle.


Department P-cards are not allowed to be used to purchase fuel. The Voyager Card is the preferred method of payment for fueling official ASU vehicles and gasoline-powered equipment. The Voyager Card is issued by (and is the property of) Voyager Fleet Systems, Inc. For more information see Financial Services Best Practices, Voyager Card.

Department Responsibilities

Vehicle Acquisition. Refer to the policies referenced below in the Purchasing and Property Control manuals. The FDM Fleet Program Coordinator shall be notified immediately when there is a change in vehicle ownership or Vehicle Point of Contact (VPOC.)

Reporting Requirements. To comply with federal and state reporting requirements, a VPOC is required to provide information for their department’s vehicle(s) on an annual basis. The FDM Fleet Program Coordinator will contact VPOCs via email when vehicle information is required and provide a link to the online vehicle survey form used to capture the following information:

  • Odometer reading as of 6/30
  • Fuel costs/units and type purchased
  • Maintenance costs


  • Date of last emissions test.

Departments shall forward copies of any maintenance invoices and/or updated emissions testing records to the Fleet Program Coordinator when maintenance or testing is completed.

Please contact Facilities Development and Management, Fleet Programs at fleet-services@exchange.asu.edu for assistance.

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FAC 204A, ASU Standard Vehicle Marking Identification

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