Environmental Health & Safety Manual (EHS)

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Effective: 4/1/1999

Revised: 12/1/2012

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EHS 705–08: University Volunteer Insurance Coverage

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To provide an overview of insurance coverage provisions for university volunteers

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Arizona Revised Statutes § 41–621 et seq.
Arizona Administrative Code R2–10–107(B)

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Volunteers working at the direction of a university employee for an official university activity are provided insurance coverage for liability for acts and/or omissions in accordance with state law. There are some exclusions to this coverage, including acts or omissions determined by a court to be a felony by a person who is provided coverage and losses arising out of contractual breaches. Workers’ compensation coverage is not provided.

In accordance with the Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual, SPP 212, “Volunteer Services,” departments may only accept volunteer services for non-high-risk positions.

University vehicles used for official university business are covered under the university’s property and liability insurance coverage provided by the Arizona Department of Administration, Risk Management Section. Employees and volunteers are authorized to drive university vehicles for official university business provided they have a valid United States driver’s license.

The university maintains a medical insurance policy ($25,000 maximum per occurrence per individual) for nonemployees authorized to travel on university business.

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The department head and volunteer need to complete and process the ASU Volunteer Registration Form, available from the Insurance Services forms Web page.

Injury Claim

Contact Insurance Services by telephone (480/965–7700), fax (480/727–9055), or e-mail (insuranceservices@asu.edu) to initiate the claim process as soon as the injured nonemployee receives professional medical attention. Insurance Services will need the name of the injured person, date of the incident, location at time of injury, and address where the Application for Benefits claim form should be sent. Coverage is limited for nonemployees on travel status for university business.

Contact Insurance Services by telephone or e-mail for additional information.

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For related information, see EHS 705–07, “Nonemployee Travel Insurance.”

See also the Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual—SPP 212, “Volunteer Services.”

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