Environmental Health & Safety Manual (EHS)

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Effective: 8/6/1976

Revised: 7/1/2012

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EHS 108: Environmental Health and Safety Training

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To prevent work-related illnesses, injuries, and property damage, to provide for regulatory compliance, and to minimize other risks by providing appropriate EH&S-related training and resources to the ASU community

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29 Code of Federal Regulations

40 Code of Federal Regulations

49 Code of Federal Regulations

2003 International Fire Code

Arizona Administrative Code R2–10–207.12

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All members of the ASU community at all ASU-owned/leased/controlled facilities. Specific training requirements for employees and volunteers are identified by the job functions listed in the EH&S Training Determination Tool.

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ASU managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all members of the ASU community under their direction identify and complete applicable, required Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) training. Members of the ASU community should also consider participation in optional training programs where appropriate.

Responsibilities of Environmental Health & Safety

EH&S shall make required health and safety training available to the ASU community as required. Additionally, EH&S shall monitor trends in incidents, inspections, and employee complaints and update training as necessary or appropriate to address those trends and/or develop optional training programs that address trends and other EH&S issues. EH&S shall, when appropriate, provide guidance and information to the ASU community regarding what training is required, what optional training programs should be considered, and other appropriate guidance and advice regarding compliance with this policy.

Responsibilities of the Departments and Units

Colleges, departments, and units will assess their operations and identify EH&S training needs based on information provided on the EH&S Training Determination Tool. Each supervisor will identify job-specific hazards and require that his/her employees attend EH&S training appropriate to the type of work they perform prior to assuming their job duties. Additionally, each manager or supervisor is responsible for the need to have employees participate in optional EH&S training programs and requiring applicable, updated training.

Responsibilities of Members of the ASU Community

Members of the ASU community are responsible for completing all EH&S training as required by their supervisors or PIs by either attending department specific and/or scheduled EH&S training or completing approved online classes. Members of the ASU community and their supervisors should refer to the Human Resources Web site to access the Performance Management, Safety Expectations, which outlines behavioral requirements for safe work behavior, including safety awareness and training.

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For a current schedule of EH&S training classes, one can access the Training Schedule. Once logged in, one may narrow the selections in the course search by criteria such as category, campus, etc.

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For more information, see:

  1. EHS 005, “EH&S Management Policy”
  2. the Police Department Policies and Procedures ManualPDP 207–02, “Vehicles and Carts on Malls or Sidewalks,”


  3. the Staff Personnel ManualSPP 801,“Employee Conduct and Work Rules.”

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