Environmental Health & Safety Manual (EHS)

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Effective: 9/1/1998

Revised: 10/1/2003

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EHS 001: Introduction

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The Environmental Health & Safety Policies and Procedures Manual (EHS) provides guidelines and information for ASU about programs and services provided by Environmental Health & Safety. Policies and procedures contained in this manual reflect requirements, standards, and statutory and regulatory mandates established at the local, state, and federal level and by the Board of Regents. Emphasis is on providing guidelines and information on prudent operating practices to:

  1. protect human health and the environment
  2. ensure regulatory compliance


  3. preserve university interests and assets.

This emphasis is consistent with the department’s mission statement: To promote and maintain a safe and healthy environment for the university community by developing and providing quality risk management programs and services.

Programs and Services

Environmental Health & Safety is responsible for providing to the university community comprehensive programs and services in environmental affairs, industrial hygiene and special assignments, fire prevention and general safety, and loss prevention. The environmental affairs program is responsible for promoting and maintaining environmental and occupational safety and health regulatory compliance. Specific programs include hazardous waste management and incident response, industrial wastewater monitoring and sampling, underground storage tanks, air pollution permitting, infectious waste management, and general environmental compliance assistance. The industrial hygiene and special assignments program is responsible for laboratory safety audits and compliance, biosafety and select agents, indoor air quality investigations, and industrial hygiene activities related to occupational health and safety. The fire prevention and general safety program is responsible for conducting audits of university facilities to ensure life safety and fire code compliance. This program is also responsible for general campus safety and special event safety coordination. The loss prevention program is responsible for occupational safety and health education development and training, general loss prevention such as ergonomics, slip and trip hazards, and other broad university liability issues. .


Additional guidance documents and information regarding programs and services can be found at the Environmental Health & Safety Web site.

Comments regarding these policies and procedures or any programs and services provided by Environmental Health & Safety can be e-mailed to the EHS manual coordinator.

In the event of an inconsistency or conflict, applicable law and Board of Regents’ policies supersede university policies and university policies supersede college, department or lower unit bylaws, policies, or guidelines.

The university reserves the right to add, amend, or revoke any of the contained rules, policies, regulations, and instructions or incorporate additional ones, with or without notice, as circumstances or the good of the university community may require.

A printout of this manual and each change to this manual, created from the original text source for the online version, is retained permanently as an official record at University Archives and is available for inspection. Printouts of all revisions to online manuals are similarly available.

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