Contact Manuals Editor(s)

The ASU system of academic and administrative manuals is maintained as a part of the Office of General Counsel. Those responsible for updating the policy manuals, usually the manuals editor(s), accept submissions for policy manual updates from/through the manual coordinators only, edit policies according to the manual revisions guidelines, and post the updates to the policy manuals’ Web site according to university and state requirements. For more information about this process, please see the Manual Revisions Guidelines.

The manuals editor(s) can provide assistance in understanding the policies update process, editing, and style standards, as well as some individualized training for manual coordinators, or other members of the ASU community, as needed and/or appropriate. Note: Interpretation of policies or initiation of changes is not under the authority of the editor(s). Please contact the manual coordinator(s) for questions about that manual's individual policies.

Policy Manuals Contacts:

Office of General Counsel
Mail Code: 7405