Capital Programs Management Group Manual (CPM)

Table of Contents

MRN  Manual Revision Notice

000  Introductory Material
100  Capital Programs Management Group Department
200  ABOR Capital Project Policies
300  Capital Development Process
400  Facility Reports/Communications
500  Capital Project Funding
600  ASU Public Art and Design Review Council
700  Campus Planning

000 Introductory Material - Back to Top

   001  Introduction
   002  Definitions
   003  Table of Exhibits

100 Capital Programs Management Group Department - Back to Top

   102  Capital Programs Management Group Site
   103  Organization Chart

200 ABOR Capital Project Policies - Back to Top

   201  ABOR Building Construction, Remodeling, and Renovation

300 Capital Development Process - Back to Top

   301  Project Proposals
          301–01  Project Proposals
          301–03  University Capital Project Approval Process for Remodeling, Renovation, and Construction
          301–04  Request for Capital Programs Management Group Services
          301–05  Asbestos Abatement
   302  The ABOR Capital Development Process
   303  Facility Project User Committees
   306  Design and Construction Phase
          306–02  Predesign Kickoff Meeting
          306–05  Monitoring Design Activities
          306–07  Construction Bid Process and Award of Construction Contract (Design/Bid/Build Process)
          306–11  Substantial Completion and Liquidated Damages
          306–12  Procurement of Movable Equipment
   309  University Buildings
          309–01  Building and Remodeling Permits and Inspections
          309–02  Building Evaluation Program
          309–03  Floor Covering Permit Standards and Procedures
   312  Easements and Rights-of-Way
   314  Naming of Facilities and Spaces
   315  State Historic Preservation
   316  Measurement of Building Areas
   317  Numbering Rooms and Other Areas in University Facilities
   318  Numbering and Addressing of Facilities
   319  Survey Requirements

500 Capital Project Funding - Back to Top

   502  Capital Project Agency/Orgs
   504  Building Renewal
          504–01  Building Renewal Funding
          504–02  Building Renewal Projects

700 Campus Planning - Back to Top

   702  Campus Amenities

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