Academic Affairs Manual (ACD)

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Effective: 2/16/1990

Revised: 7/1/2011

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ACD 704–03: Compassionate Transfer of Leave

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To allow voluntary transfer of accrued vacation to other employees who are unable to work because of a catastrophic illness or injury

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Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual - 6–809

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Faculty and academic professionals with fiscal-year appointments who are employed to work 20 hours per week (50 percent FTE) or more for a continuous period of six or more months

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Faculty and academic professionals may voluntarily transfer accrued vacation leave to other employees who are eligible to accrue vacation leave and who are unable to work due to a catastrophic illness or injury within the employee’s immediate family, established household, or in situations that place primary responsibility for care on the employee. A Request for Compassionate Transfer of Leave form is available. These transfers are subject to the following conditions:

  1. An illness/injury shall be considered catastrophic if it is:

    1. seriously incapacitating, (in the case of the employee, the employee is unable to perform all the duties of the job held at the time of disability or is unable to perform available light duty work)
    2. extended, i.e., the anticipated duration of the disability is at least 45 consecutive days


    3. confirmed in writing by a physician chosen by the employee, subject to reconfirmation by a physician chosen by the university.
  1. Recipients must have exhausted all forms of paid leave (e.g., vacation, sick leave) prior to the leave transfer.
  2. Recipients must have passed their initial probation.
  3. Contributions must be voluntary.

    Note: Human Resources (HR) cannot identify potential contributors.

  4. Contributors must retain a minimum balance of 80 vacation hours after the leave transfer.
  5. Recipients who are enrolled in a short-term disability program offered by the universities must apply for and, if eligible, receive their short-term disability benefits before compassionate transfer of leave contributions can be used beyond the initial short-term disability waiting period. Compassionate transfer of leave contributions (other than for the initial short-term disability waiting period) for such recipients may only be used to supplement the short-term disability payment up to but not to exceed the recipient’s regular rate of pay. In no event shall compassionate transfer of leave be used in lieu of long-term disability unless such claim has been denied by the carrier.
  6. Contributions shall not exceed the anticipated period of disability or the period until long-term disability benefits commence, whichever is shorter.
  7. All requests for compassionate transfer of leave are subject to the employing department’s availability of funds.
  8. Transfers shall be accomplished by determining the dollar value of the hourly vacation contribution and by increasing the recipient’s sick leave balance by that value.
  9. Family Medical Leave (ACD 702–03, “Family Leave”) is not an additional leave; rather, it is to be used concurrently with compassionate leave.

See Human Resources Leaves Management for the steps to implement a leave transfer.

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