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Effective: 1/30/2008

Revised: 11/1/2015

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ACD 510–02: Supplemental Pay

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To describe the policies governing supplemental pay from university funds (other than sponsored projects—see Exception at end of policy), for instruction, administrative assignments, interim assignments, stipends for honorary positions, additional pay for meritorious performance, and reimbursement for relocation expenses associated with hiring agreement

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Office of the Provost of the University
Office of the Executive Vice President, Treasurer, and Chief Financial Officer

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Faculty members
Academic professionals
Faculty members and academic professionals with administrative appointments

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Supplemental pay may be provided to an employee who is engaged in instructional activity beyond the normal assignment they normally receive and for:

  1. teaching college credit courses in off-campus locations and through extended education or executive education
  2. teaching noncredit courses, workshops, or seminars
  3. participating in conferences
  4. giving single lectures or a series of lectures


  5. similar activities.

Supplemental pay for instructional activities will normally not exceed 3/9 of a faculty member’s institutional base salary per academic contract year (9 months). Upon the recommendation of the dean, the Office of the Provost of the University may approve requests for exceptions to this policy.

Supplemental pay may be provided for those assigned to administrative roles, whether they are permanent or interim/acting. The purpose of this supplemental pay is to provide a salary commensurate with the additional responsibilities assigned to the employee.

Supplemental pay may also be provided for individuals who have been appointed to distinguished positions (e.g., endowed professorships or chairs, Regents’ and President’s Professors) and for those employees whose performance merits financial recognition through their performance (e.g., coaches).

Supplemental pay is often negotiated through a hiring agreement to reimburse employees for their relocation costs. Such supplemental pay is permitted under this policy.

Supplemental pay is also made to benefits-eligible employees performing short-term functions outside of their position responsibilities, which if performed by a non-ASU employee (or nonbenefits-eligible ASU employee) would be paid as an independent contractor.


Deans will determine faculty eligibility for supplemental pay. Supplemental pay for administrative assignments, for honorary or distinguished titles or positions, or for exceptional performance in academic units shall be the responsibility of the Office of the Provost of the University and in all other cases, the appropriate vice president. Supplemental pay awarded as part of a hiring agreement to compensate for relocation expenses is the responsibility of the appropriate dean or vice president (see FIN 420-03 for further regulations concerning moving expenses).

Supplemental Pay

Full-time members of the university faculty are often expected to teach off-campus as part of their regular load. Ordinarily, they may teach not more than two overload courses per academic contract year (9 months), or a limited amount of extended education, in addition to their primary employment responsibilities. Deans planning to assign faculty more than two overload courses per academic contract year (9 months) and provide commensurate compensation should present the request to the Office of the Provost of the University for review and approval. Those deans who have extensive degree programs offered at locations other than an ASU campus and who plan to provide supplemental pay to the faculty involved in such an initiative may be asked to submit an annual plan to the Office of the Provost of the University for approval.

For faculty members teaching noncredit courses, hourly rates for supplemental pay are in accordance with a flexible rate schedule. Depending on market forces, negotiations, etc., the hourly rate for supplemental pay may vary. The dean would be responsible for deciding on a specific rate. Honoraria paid by the university to faculty for speaking engagements within the university may be permitted if approved by the appropriate dean or vice president. It is expected that these would not exceed $1500 per engagement. Exceptions in the academic units require the approval of the Office of the Provost of the University.

Supplemental pay for honorary and/or other types of distinguished appointments shall be determined by the Office of the President or designee.

Deans, Chairs, and Other Administrators

Faculty members, academic professionals, and other administrative employees who are employed as deans, as unit chairs, or in other administrative positions do not normally receive extra compensation for teaching or lecturing, or payment for services rendered by the university to outside agencies or organizations from the proceeds of grants or contracts. However, there are occasional circumstances when it is in the interests of the university for administrators described herein to receive supplemental pay for specific activities they may undertake. In these cases, each request will need to be submitted to the appropriate executive vice president’s office prior to the commitment being made for review and approval.

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Supplemental pay from sponsored project funds is permissible where such payment is consistent with OMB authoritative guidance (see the Research and Sponsored Projects Policies and Procedures ManualRSP 101, “General Research Policy”), the sponsoring agency’s rules, and the proposal and grant award, and is approved in writing by the sponsoring agency’s contracting officer prior to the work being undertaken.

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For information about the university’s consulting policies and leave policies as related to pay, see:

  1. ACD 510–01, “Notification of Consulting or Other Outside Business Activities or Arrangements for Faculty and Academic Professionals Policy”
  2. ACD 510–04, “Intra-University Consulting Policy”
  3. ACD 705, “Sabbatical Leave”


  4. ACD 707, “Leave of Absence without Pay.”

For information about certain expense reimbursements and general supplemental pay policies, also see:

  1. the Financial Services Policies and Procedures Manual—FIN 420–03, “Moving Expenses”


  2. the Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual:
    1. SPP 404–02, “Supplemental Pay”


    2. SPP 404–04, “Overtime—General Policy.”

For authoritative references regarding supplemental pay from sponsored project funds, see the Research and Sponsored Projects Policies and Procedures ManualRSP 101, “General Research Policy.”


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