Academic Affairs Manual (ACD)

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Effective: 11/1/1974

Revised: 7/1/2013

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ACD 305–05: Reporting Date, Office Hours, and Ordering Textbooks

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To provide requirements for reporting dates, office hours, and ordering textbooks

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Office of the Provost of the University

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Academic professionals
Administrative, classified, and university staff
Graduate teaching assistants/associates

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Reporting Date

All course instructors, academic unit chairs/directors, and deans are expected to be present for duty on campus one week preceding the beginning of fall and spring semester instruction. Faculty members and academic professionals may be required to attend meetings and other obligations called by the chair/director, dean, provost of the university, or president at any time during their appointment period between August 16 and May 15 annually.

Office Hours

Every instructor who teaches courses is expected to be available to students outside of class on a reasonable and regular basis. The availability should be stated in the syllabus. On campus course instructors should also be available by appointment for students who cannot meet during posted office hours. On campus faculty with an office location other than where courses are taught should make arrangements to offer office hours or meet students on the campus where courses are taught.

Ordering Textbooks

To be assured that the ASU Bookstore will have textbooks available to students at the beginning of each semester or summer session, instructors must meet the following standard deadlines for ordering textbooks.

For fall semester: April 1
For spring semester: October 1
For summer sessions: March 1
Note: If a standard deadline falls on a weekend, the deadline is moved to the next working day.

Orders should be placed through the academic unit office on forms provided by the bookstore or online as may be available.

Ordering Textbook Desk Copies

It is not the ASU Bookstore’s responsibility to furnish desk copies of textbooks used in a class. The course instructor is responsible for securing desk copies in advance of need from the publisher.


If an emergency does not allow sufficient time to get a desk copy from the publisher, a copy may be secured from the ASU Bookstore by means of a properly approved academic unit requisition. At this time, the book will be charged to the academic unit. When the desk copy from the publisher is turned in to the bookstore, the previous charge will be credited to the academic unit. Credit will be allowed only if the desk copy from the publisher is turned in to the bookstore within 60 days of the date the bookstore copy was issued.

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See also ACD 204–01: “Code of Ethics.”


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