Academic Affairs Manual (ACD)

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Effective: 12/1/1986

Revised: 7/1/2011

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ACD 206: Advanced Degrees and Graduate Study

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To describe the policies governing faculty enrollment in graduate programs and courses at ASU

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Office of the Provost of the University
Vice Provost for Graduate Education

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Degree Programs

Tenure-eligible faculty members cannot be degree students at ASU. However, with the approval of the faculty member’s chair/director and dean, a tenured faculty member may apply for admittance to a graduate degree program to pursue another graduate degree at ASU. The faculty member should present a program plan and rationale to the chair/director and dean, who will review the request considering:

  1. the degree to which the program will enhance the faculty member’s scholarly endeavors
  2. potential conflicts of interest that could compromise the academic integrity of the institution
  3. the faculty member’s present teaching, research, and service responsibilities


  4. the benefits to the academic unit, college, and university.

If an adjustment in work load is required, there will be a proportional adjustment in salary. During regular semesters, full-time faculty members should not normally register for more than three semester hours (roughly equivalent to the time allowed for outside consulting), and under no circumstances should they register for more than six semester hours.

Nondegree Courses

Faculty members are also permitted with permission of their chair and dean to enroll in graduate courses on a nondegree basis, as long as such activity does not interfere with their primary responsibilities. They should comply with the same limits on semester hours as faculty enrolled in degree courses.

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For related information, see ACD 602, “Employee Reduced In-State Tuition.”


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