Academic Affairs Manual (ACD)

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Effective: 10/7/1974

Revised: 7/1/2011

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ACD 202–02: Academic Professional Responsibilities

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To define academic professional responsibilities

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Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual - 6–301
Office of the Provost of the University

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Academic professionals

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Academic professionals are involved with research, academic support, and/or teaching programs. Academic professional duties are specific to each position, however, there are general categories of responsibility that are applicable to all positions and which are the foundation for performance evaluations. Each of these categories must be addressed in the academic professional’s job description, although the assigned proportion of responsibility in each category may vary.

Position Effectiveness

Position effectiveness is related to the specific expertise of the academic professional in the performance of a particular position’s duties and responsibilities. Position effectiveness may include but is not limited to:

  1. effective and continuous accomplishments that relate to the missions of the academic unit and university
  2. effective accommodation of change in the position or environment in which the individual works
  3. contributions to organizational goals and objectives
  4. innovation and creativity in professional practices
  5. professional development, e.g., continuing growth in one’s position and professional expertise


  6. knowledge and application of professional standards and practices, guidelines, and protocols.

Professional Contributions

Professional contributions comprise a wide range of endeavors that draw upon the academic professional’s expertise, talents, and interests and represent a commitment to the profession or to the discipline that extends beyond the scope of assigned responsibilities.

Professional contributions may include, but are not limited to:

  1. active participation in appropriate professional or scholarly organizations
  2. publication and dissemination
  3. efforts to transfer techniques and practices resulting from creative activity at the university to other institutions
  4. consultations and evaluations drawing on the academic professional’s expertise
  5. fellowships or scholarly awards
  6. grant proposals submitted or grants received


  7. research, teaching, leadership, management, or administrative roles within the academic professional’s specialization beyond those stated in the position description for the individual.

Institutional, Professional, and Community Service

Academic professionals with continuing or probationary appointments are to actively serve the institution, the profession, and the community; fixed-term academic professionals may also have service requirements.

Service may include such activities as membership on academic unit committees, roles in shared governance, contributions to campus committees, and/or similar activities within professional organizations. Service may also include community activities that draw upon professional expertise or subject knowledge and/or advance the university by meeting the needs of the greater public.

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ACD 505–03, “Academic Professional Status, Ranks, Titles, and Appointment Categories.”

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