Academic Affairs Manual (ACD)

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Effective: 3/23/1987

Revised: 7/1/2011

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ACD 110: Reporting Lines for Public Service and Research Centers/Institutes

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To explain the policy regarding faculty appointments in public service and research centers/institutes and recommendations on reporting lines

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Office of the Provost of the University
Office of the Vice President for Knowledge Enterprise Development

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Faculty and Academic Professionals

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Public service and research centers/institutes should not offer courses, instructional programs for credit, or degrees, although members of centers may participate in such activities through the departments in which they hold their academic appointments. Centers and institutes should be primarily research enterprises, and should be continued only as long as they fulfill the purposes for which they were established.

Appointments and Reporting Lines

  1. Each tenured or tenure eligible faculty member at ASU must have an academic unit home. That is, the tenure of a faculty member resides only in an one or more academic units (some joint appointments result in tenure homes being in more than one academic unit).
  2. A corollary to this principle is that faculty members cannot hold tenure in public sevice or research centers/institutes. At the time a faculty member is hired jointly between an a public sevice or research centers/institute or center and an academic unit, the decision rules regarding the budgetary transfer of that individual from the center/institute must be stated in writing so all administrative parties and individuals taking part in this decision are informed of these rules and are aware of the budget implications—both present and future. Additionally, in joint appointments, the fraction of full-time equivalencies (FTE) assigned to the two units should match the responsibilities and activities of the faculty member. As required in ACD 505–04, all joint appointments require the approval of the Office of the Provost of the University.
  3. At the time a faculty member is hired with a joint appointment between an academic unit and a public service or research center/institute, a decision will be made regarding the appropriate parties to evaluate and recommend tenure, but the final decision on a tenure recommendation must reside with the academic unit, in accordance with principle No. 1 above. Normally, unless stipulated in a memorandum of understanding, the primary responsibility for all other evaluations resides with the academic unit. See ACD 505–04, “Transfer, Joint and Affiliated Faculty and Academic Professional Appointments” for more information about joint appointments.
  4. All appointments of tenured or tenure-eligible faculty members in public service or research center/institutes at ASU will be joint appointments; that is, faculty members in the tenure system will be expected to participate concurrently in a program, academic unit, division, school, or college.
  5. Teaching assignments, schedules and other instructional responsibilities shall be carried out under the direction of the president, normally by the dean or chair/director, in consultation with the public service or research center/institute director.
  6. Appointments in public service or research centers/institutes for tenured and tenure-eligible faculty members should not be permanent.

Recommendations on Reporting Lines

Intracollegiate Public Service or Reseearch Centers/Institutes

Public sevice or research centers/institutes whose work is within the mission of a single college should report to the dean of that college, and through the dean to the provost of the university.

Intercollegiate Research Centers and Institutes

Public sevice or research centers/institutes whose work crosses college lines may report to the senior vice president for Knowledge Enterprise Development, an individual dean, multiple deans, or to the provost of the university provided the arrangement is acceptable to the provost of the university and to the deans.

Graduate Assistants

Public sevice or research centers/institutes may employ graduate students as graduate assistants. All graduate assistants must be admitted to and enrolled in an academic degree program offered by the university.

Note: Graduate assistants include graduate assistants and associates, graduate research assistants and associates, and graduate teaching assistants and associates.

Center and Institute Reviews

The provost of the university will do regular reviews of public sevice or research centers/institutes as required by policy or as may be needed to assess the continuing need.

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Cross Reference

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For more information, see ACD 505–04, “Transfer, Joint, and Affiliated Faculty and Academic Professional Appointments.”

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