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Gift Policy and Entertainment Ban

Secretary of State Definitions relating to the Gift policy and Entertainment Ban from Arizona Revised Statutes explained in the Lobbyist Handbook.


A payment, distribution, advance, deposit or donation of money, any intangible personal property or any kind of tangible personal or real property.
A public body or lobbyist or any other person acting on behalf of the public body or lobbyist shall not give to any member of legislature, and any member of the legislature shall not accept:

  • - Gifts with a total value of more than ten (10) dollars during any calendar year
  • - Gifts that are designed to influence the official conduct of a member of the legislature

Entertainment Ban:

  • - In 2000, the Legislature enacted a broad ban on entertainment expenditures. The ban prohibits any lobbyist of any type, principle, public body, or any other person acting for these persons, from making an expenditure for entertainment which benefits any State officer, elected official, state employee, corporation commissioner, county supervisor, city or town council member, or school district governing board member.
    A.R.S. 41-1232.08
  • - Entertainment means any expenditure for admission to, or participation in, any sporting or cultural event or activity.
    A.R.S. 41.1231(5)
  • - Expenditures for special events defined in A.R.S. 41.1243.03 and for speaking engagements defined in A.R.S. 41-1231(20) are still lawful, but must be reported on lobbyists annual and quarterly reports.

Lobbyist Handbook

Disclaimer From ASU Office of Public Affairs: There are some exceptions to this gift and entertainment ban. If you would like to see if your gift/event qualifies or to see if your event must be reported please contact us at 480-727-7392.

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