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Arizona State University’s
Symphonic Carillon
A gift to the university from Associated Students in 1966.
A memorial to those who gave their lives in service to their country.

ASU Symphonic Carillon Independence Day Concert
noon-1 p.m., Thursday, July 2
Performing: ASU Carillonneurs William Swayze and Kevin Snow
Listen: Outside of the Memorial Union; on Old Main Lawn; at the carillon, Lower Level of Old Main
On this day in 1776, the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, setting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom as a sovereign nation. As always, this most American of holidays will be marked with red, white and blue flags, fireworks, parades and backyard barbecues across the country.
Interesting facts about Independence Day, courtesy of Census.gov:
• In July 1776, the estimated number of people living in the newly independent nation was 2.5 million.
• The nation's estimated population on this July 4: 318.4 million.

• Numbers of signers to the Declaration of Independence: 56

• Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman and Robert R. Livingston comprised the Committee of Five that drafted the Declaration. Jefferson, regarded as the strongest and most eloquent writer, wrote most of the document.

• John Hancock, President of the Second Continental Congress, was the first signer. This merchant by trade did so in an entirely blank space making it the largest and most famous signature — hence the term John Hancock, which is still used today as a synonym for signature.


About the carillon:

Located in the lower level of Old Main, next to the Emeritus College; speakers located on the Memorial Union and the Durham Language and Literature Building.

Clock Strikes: On the hour, 9 a.m.-8 p.m., except noon.

Music at 5 p.m., daily. Live concerts as announced.

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June 2011: PDF

* The ASU Carillon is a memorial to those in the ASU community who gave their lives for their country *
Contact: carillon@asu.edu