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Douglas Port of Entry

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Douglas, Arizona is a small community of approximately 18,000 people that lies on the Arizona-Sonora border adjacent to the much larger city of Agua Prieta (pop. 110,000). The Douglas Port of Entry is the second largest commercial port in the state with over $1 billion in trade conducted every year. However, economically, little has changed in the area over the last 20 years.

In light of continuing improvements to the Port of Entry, including the recent incorporation of the Douglas International Port Authority, the City of Douglas Department of Economic Development finds it expedient to collect information on how to best develop its port. Douglas therefore has partnered with Arizona State University to identify both information and infrastructure gaps to guide further study and port development objectives. This report addresses several aspects of economic development in Douglas, Arizona, including: the status of the economy of Douglas, Arizona using an economic base study; some trade flows through the Douglas region, as well as the nature of Douglas’s transportation and telecommunications infrastructure, both identified by Erie (1999) as important to any development strategy; and a comparison of the structure, goals, and services of port authorities and economic development organizations to develop some practices that the newly formed Douglas International Port Authority could pursue.

From May to July 2008, a questionnaire was distributed among local port users to identify both value added services the Port Authority could provide and the possibility for intermodal use with the Bisbee-Douglas International Airport. We used results of the questionnaire to fill information gaps from other resources, and we have developed the report as a gap analysis to identify information and infrastructure gaps as well as strategic objectives for port of entry development in Douglas, Arizona.

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