ASU for Arizona

ASU for Arizona is a comprehensive university initiative for social embeddedness present in several locations across the state.

As a statewide expansion of the Building Great Communities (BGC) initiatives founded in 1999, ASU for Arizona addresses the need to coordinate projects that promote university-community alliances regarding quality of life issues affecting Arizona communities.

To appreciate the full potential of becoming socially embedded throughout the state, ASU must understand Arizona as a multifaceted setting and capitalize on the opportunities that emerge in its distinctive yet dynamic regions.

New report: The State of Latino Arizona



Arizona State University (ASU) and the Arizona Latino Research Enterprise (ALRE), with support from Arizona Public Service (APS), are pleased to present the inaugural State of Latino Arizona report.

As a public institution dedicated to the advancement of education, social embeddedness, and research that supports societal transformation, ASU along with the community organization, ALRE are proud to provide a new resource for the people of Arizona. This report is the result of a diligent and collective effort by faculty, students and community members to offer insight and information regarding the Latino community in Arizona. Through descriptions of the historical engagement, the current needs, interests and challenges, and the significant role in the future of Arizona, we are afforded an opportunity to gain an understanding and awareness of a rich heritage and the resulting countless meaningful contributions.

Download the report [ here ]

Download the PowerPoint presentation [ here ]