Parents Association Professorship

Parents Association Professorship

The ASU Parents Association provides families of ASU students with information about the University through publications and a network of families who act as liaisons between families in their own regions and ASU, promotes activities that offer families a way to become familiar with the campus, strengthens family ties, and supports ASU students and the University. Through the Parents Fund, the Association makes significant financial contributions to help provide students with a successful university expe rience. In addition to this Professorship, other projects of special note are the Parents Association Scholarship, the Library Education Room, and the Learning Resource Center.

In 1994, the Parents Association established the first university-wide teaching professorship position at ASU. This Professorship provides a cash award of $5,000 and an additional $5,000 in each of the two years of the Professorship to fund an undergradu ate student assistant. The qualifications for the Professorship are extensive, numbering a dozen, but perhaps they are captured by the first and last listed in the nomination brochure:

Professor Richard Satterlie
Department of Zoology

Professor George Bohlander
Department of Management

Last Update: November 30, 2001
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