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Sustainability Points of Pride


PolyHarvest is a community supported agriculture program that supports local farmers and provides fresh produce for students and community members on the Downtown Phoenix campus. Participants purchase "shares" of produce at the beginning of each growing season, which provides economic stability for farmers and supports their operations. The prepaid vegetables are delivered directly from the farm each week. The program is headed by Professor Christopher Wharton, School of Nutrition and Health Promotion. Wharton and his team have partnered with PolyHarvest to deliver produce to the downtown community, to run educational events related to local foods, to support other on-campus activities, to donate produce to low-income individuals, and to serve as a model of local and sustainable food programs. The ASU PolyHarvest team received the President's Award for Sustainability in 2011.

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4701 W. Eugie
Glendale, AZ

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