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Sustainability Points of Pride

Bike Co-Op

Biking represents a sustainable alternative to personal vehicle use and is a practical and environmentally-friendly transportation option in the ASU community. To encourage students, faculty, and staff to bike to campus instead of driving, the Bike Co-op provides reduced-cost tools, parts (both new and used), and assistance needed to repair bicycles. Also, the Bike Co-op houses the USG Community Bikes program, an initiative that allows ASU students, faculty, and staff to check out one of 15 bicycles for up to 10 days for no charge. The Tempe Bike Co-op provides easy access to compressor stations for inflating tires, courtesy of State Farm Insurance.

View the Bike Co-op location on the Tempe campus Interactive Map

Bike Co-Op
Street Address

4701 W. Eugie
Glendale, AZ

Building Code