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100 Cities Project

The 100 Cities Project incorporates the themes of rapid urbanization, remote sensing, and global engagement into a unique collaborative research effort. Located in the Mars Space Flight Facility (a part of ASU's School of Earth and Space Exploration), the 100 Cities Project allows researchers and practitioners at ASU to work with policymakers and researchers from around the world to determine how urban remote sensing products and processes can be used to address urban problems such as pollution, sprawl, and slums. Researchers and policymakers use remote sensing images of 100 international cities as a tool for creating urban models, developing sustainable urban planning, and formulating effective policy. Ultimately, the data generated in the 100 Cities Project can be used to study and to plan urban development in individual cities. This knowledge can also be used to compare urban development in different cities to model the most sustainable urban planning practices in differing climatic, ecologic and social regions.


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100 Cities Project
Street Address

4701 W. Eugie
Glendale, AZ

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