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Downtown campus virtual tour

Mercado A-F

The Mercado accommodates University College’s extended education and distance learning programs, the College of Nursing and Health Innovation’s simulation labs, and the College of Public Programs’ Bob Ramsey Executive Education program. Students in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College attend classes in the Mercado. Various ASU organizations and initiatives have offices in the Mercado, such as the Stardust Center for Affordable Homes and the Family. The Mercado is comprised of six, Spanish-style buildings accommodating a variety of ASU classrooms and offices. Some space is leased to local businesses and government agencies.

The Mercado also is home to the Teachers College’s School Partnership Grant Programs which are focused on educational school reform by working with more than 60 K-12 schools around Arizona to increase student achievement through teacher effectiveness, continuous professional development for educators (including through Learning Forever), and more rigorous teacher candidate preparation through the iTeachAZ program. For more information about the Teachers College, please visit:

More Information
Center for Community Development and Civil Rights - The CDCR works as a vibrant part of both the university and the community. Through many programs, activities and research we strive to build bridges between the university and the community on a daily basis.

Center for Urban Innovation - The Center for Urban Innovation is the focal point for research on urban affairs in the School of Public Affairs and the College of Public Programs. Its mission is to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods, cities, and urban regions by promoting innovation in governance, policy, and management. The center seeks to accomplish its goals through basic and applied research in books, journal articles, and research reports and through training and development activities for local government officials.

Street Address

641 E. Van Buren, Bldg. A.
541 E. Van Buren, Bldg. B.
502 E. Monroe, Bldg. C.
542 E. Monroe, Bldg. D.
602 E. Monroe, Bldg. E.
642 E. Monroe, Bldg. F.

Building Code