Educational Outreach and Student Services

Information for Faculty, Staff and Parents

Counseling services on all campuses offer faculty, staff, and parents the opportunity to talk with a counselor about concerns they may have about an ASU student. As a consultant, our role is to help you determine the best course of action for addressing your concern. We accomplish this by discussing your concerns and brainstorming with you ways in which you can help. Current students are able to discuss concerns they have about another student, a relative, or friend.

We also work with student groups and campus departments to assist in providing services for students. Often friends, family members, and/or mentors are in a good position to positively influence a student and encourage her/him to seek help.

Some common situations in which we consult are:

Students exhibiting unusual behavior or expressing safety concerns in a residence hall.

Professors expressing concern about the well-being of a student.

Parents concerned about their studentís academic functioning.

Students concerned about the behaviors or habits of another student.

For situations in which multiple students experience a traumatic event, counseling staff are available to meet with all involved to help sort out their reactions and determine their needs. While some of our time is spent addressing crisis situations, the person that you are concerned about does not have to be in crisis to talk with a counselor.

A few reasons why people consult with counseling staff are to:

Get ideas for how to suggest to someone that they get professional assistance.

Become aware of the services and resources available to help with a particular concern.

Learn how to refer a student to our services.

Request that we meet with students who are dealing with a difficult situation.

Learn more about our services.

Learn about community resources available to help someone.

Get ideas about how to prevent a negative situation from starting or worsening.