Educational Outreach and Student Services

How Can We Help You?

At some time, students may experience a number of different issues that affect their ability to be academically successful such as a death in their immediate family, illness, accident, critical incidents such as sexual assault, harassment, domestic and relationship violence, and other emergency situations. Student Advocacy and Assistance works with students and their families to make appropriate referrals and contacts to help address their personal concerns and negotiate through the various administrative options available to them as a student of ASU. This office strives to provide guidance, explain relevant policies and procedures and discuss possible ramifications while respecting students' rights to privacy within the confines of the law and university policy. Even during difficult times, students should be empowered with the resources to make informed decisions and take a proactive role in the resolution process. Some of the possible means for resolving educational barriers and difficulties include:

Absence Letters
Course Incomplete
Course Withdrawal
Compassionate Withdrawal
Medical Withdrawal