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Community Liaison

The Community Liaison Program is run by a network of ASU students residing in off-campus apartment communities who serve as liaisons between the university and its off-campus student population. These liaisons provide information about university departmental services and programs to assist students residing in their apartment communities. They assist students in solving minor issues, educate students about their rights and responsibilities, and coordinate programs for designated apartment communities. Civic responsibility among students is supported and promoted through this program in an effort to have a positive effect on academic achievement, retention and graduation.

Program Overview

The individual serving as Community Liaisons will coordinate with the Center for Off-Campus & Commuter Student Services (OCCSS) to provide information and programming to the off-campus housing community where they reside and/or are assigned. Liaisons will post information provided to them by OCCSS. They will also provide no less than one program, volunteer or informational event in the off-campus location where they reside and/or are assigned each month of their employment in this position. Two of these programs must be active programs, two may be passive.

Center Responsibilities

Community Liaisons will work six hours per week at the OCCSS reception area during hours of operation. The liaisons will meet with OCCSS staff to discuss direction for any programs or events to be held in the off-campus housing complex, as well as to discuss and provide resolution for any problems or concerns relevant to this position. The liaison will also act as a customer service representative.


Off-Campus Liaisons will be paid for four hours per week at a rate of $10 per hour.

Length of Employment

Off-Campus Liaisons will be employed at an apartment community for one year subject to evaluation and performance review.


  • Currently and actively enrolled at Tempe campus
  • Completed at least two semesters at ASU
  • Currently resides off-campus.

Liaison Duties

  • Distribute and post university-related information in a designated off-campus location
  • Meet with the off-campus management monthly to determine needs.
  • Provide at least one program, volunteer or informational event each month.
  • Promote campus program/events in off-campus apartment community.
  • Meet with OCSS staff to discuss program development.
  • Refer off-campus residents to appropriate university offices for assistance.
  • Assist your assigned off-campus apartment community with marketing efforts.
  • Work four hours per week at OCSS, at $7.90 per hour, and four hours per week at the apartment community, at $10 per hour.
  • Other duties as assigned.