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OCSS provides programs and services to meet the requests of off-campus students and to address the needs of persons wishing to live and connect in the Arizona State University quarter and neighboring community.

Empowerment, partnership, personalization of services and a profound dedication to multiplicity and veracity are characteristics of our efforts.

Through Community Outreach and Partnerships OCSS meets the requirements and addresses the concerns of community residents by building and promoting successful relationships and introducing networks through listening and partnership to support a common encouraging community spirit. We work with city officials, university partners, landlords and community members to encourage a deeper perspective, positive relationships, shared reverence and belief surrounded by and between university district stake-holders.

Through the Off-Campus Housing Availability and Services OCSS facilitates the transitioning of Arizona State University students, faculty and staff into the university constituency and immediate communities. We assist in locating housing and/or roommates that meet their individualized needs.

Through ASU Family Resources, OCSS is committed to supporting families in effectively managing their family, work and educational responsibilities. Our mission is to anticipate, recognize, and respond to the needs, opportunities, and concerns of ASU and the community. We take a broad and diverse view on what we mean by “family.” Besides spouse/partner and children we believe “family” stands for all aspects of an individual’s life, at home, at ASU and in the community.

Through Off-Campus programs OCSS helps to inform and support students in developing independent life skills and being responsible community members.

We are located at 915 S. Rural Rd., Tempe AZ, 85281 at Rural and Terrace, across from Cholla Apartments in the former Bank One/Chase Building.