Fire Safety

Safety precautions and prohibitions are necessary to ensure a safe environment for employees, visitors, and for the occupants that live and work in residential facilities. Environmental Health & Safety and the State Fire Marshal’s Office prohibit the following items or practices on state property:

- Trees or any other vegetation that is no longer living (i.e., cut Christmas trees, palm fronds—exceptions: flowers as long as maintained fresh per florist’s recommendations)

- Candles or Open Burning (must be approved by Environmental Health & Safety or State Fire Marshal’s Office)

- Storage of Class I Liquids in basements (for more information see UFC Article 79)

- Use of extension cords (see electric safety section for authorized use and specifications of extension cords)

- Smoking in areas that restrict any open flames or smoking due to hazardous chemicals or materials use, storage, handling, or dispensing

- Obstructing, tampering with, or misusing fire detection and fire suppression systems and their devices

- Storage in corridors and stairways, within 18 inches of fire sprinkler heads or within 24 inches from ceiling on non-fire sprinkled buildings, within 24 inches of smoke or heat detectors, in mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, and exits. (Only temporary authorization can be approved by Environmental Health & Safety or the State Fire Marshal’s Office)

- Bicycles in public buildings (exception: when approved by the building supervisor with a copy of the approval sent to Environmental Health & Safety and it does not violate code or cause a safety hazard)

- Vehicles or any gas powered equipment used or stored inside buildings (exception: temporary approval may be granted by Environmental Health & Safety or the State Fire Marshal’s Office for special events)

- Battery charging inside buildings (exception: batteries that are completely sealed and do not emit any gases while recharging or when authorized by Environmental Health & Safety and the State Fire Marshal’s Office)

- Any modification to a building or area of a building without a permit issued by Facilities Management or Facilities Planning and Construction (permits must be reviewed by Environmental Health & Safety)

- Storage of any items near any heat sources (i.e., lamps, transformers, heaters, generators, motors, etc.)

- Fireworks or Pyrotechnics without the official approval of Environmental Health & Safety or State Fire Marshal

- Unauthorized use of halogen lamps or other lamps/bulbs that generate extreme heat

For general safety guidelines for vendors, holiday, or special occasion decorations or displays and special events, see the appropriate areas in this Plan, university policies, and compliance guidelines or request for related information from Environmental Health & Safety by calling (480) 965-1823 or e-mail at