Residence Hall Safety and Security

Each residence hall complex front desk is staffed 24 hours a day*, seven days a week with staff members who sign in guests, respond to questions, and notify duty staff in the event of an emergency. Resident Assistants are on duty every evening as a resource and can assist in emergency or crisis situations. These staff members perform community walks in and around each building to check exits, emergency lights, common areas, and hallways.

Each hall requires residents to meet their visitors at the front desk area and escort them throughout the building at all times. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guest(s). Manzanita Hall is equipped with an electronic card reader access system. Residents are issued an access card upon check-in and should carry it with them at all times. This card is the only access to Manzanita Hall after the doors have been locked for the evening.

All halls require residents to show their SunCard ID (with valid residence hall sticker) in order to enter the building. This is to assist in maintaining a secure environment. Individuals without ID and unescorted guests are not permitted in the halls.

Other Resources

Safety Escort Service (SES)

Associated Students of ASU (ASASU), Undergraduate Student Government, provides an evening escort service (Monday through Saturday) for persons who may need to be walking alone on campus. Please use this service by calling 480-965-1515, or ask a friend to walk with you after hours.

ASU Department of Public Safety - ASU DPS