Gender Neutral Restrooms

Restrooms investigated by genderWHAT?! and the LGBTQ Coalition at ASU:

Tempe Campus :

Memorial Union (MU)
Restroom is located on the first floor, behind Coldstone.  It is between two gender-divisive restrooms.  It is well lit, clean, locking, and handicap accessible. 

Murdock 108T1
Restroom is located on the landing between the basement and first floors of this building.  It is clean and will lit, but is not handicap accessible nor does it have a lock on the door

Engineering Center, G Wing
This restroom is located on the third floor of the building, directly behind the elevators.  It is clean, well lit, locking and handicapped accessible.

Palo Verde East (Dorm)
There are two gender-neutral restrooms in the lobby of this location. 

Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS)
This restroom is accessed through room # 111, which requires an authorized Sun Card for entrance.  Any student taking a class in this building is authorized to access it.  The restroom is clean, well lit, handicapped accessible and locks.  There is also a gender neutral shower stall available at this location.

There are two gender neutral restrooms at this location, one in the basement and another on the first floor. 

Wilson Hall
The restroom is located inside of the School of Justice and Social Inquiry, all the way down the main corridor, next to a gender-specific (women's) restroom.  It locks and is clean and well stocked.

West Hall
The restroom is located in the north wing of the building, next to a gender-specific (men's) restroom.  It may not lock semester, but is otherwise clean and well stocked.

Downtown Phoenix Campus :

Taylor Place   residence hall in the cafeteria on the first floor. It is located toward the back of the cafeteria area located to the right of dish disposal. It is handicap accessible and does lock.

Do you know of other gender-neutral bathrooms at any ASU campus? E-mail and let us know about it!


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