“Student organizations at all ASU campuses register online through OrgSync.

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If you would like to check out OrgSync, visit: or

In addition to online registration, OrgSync offers student organizations an array of online options including:

    •       A customizable page for your organization where you would be able to post upcoming events and meetings, your organization mission, welcome message etc ( much like a webpage)
    •       Improved communication within members through wall posts, mass text messaging and discussion boards.
    •       Storage of important organization files including your constitution and bylaws, meeting minutes, sponsorship information, notes from past events, etc.
    •       Better organization, through event and meeting tracking (attendance tracking), distributed news and to-do lists, and paperless forms. 
    •       Improved membership and retention. Inviting new members to join is as simple as a click of a button.  This is also a great tool to keep in touch with graduated members.




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