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Risk Management

What is covered?

ASU's insurance covers property of ASU, workers' compensation for ASU employee injuries and illness, and liability coverage. ASU insurance does not cover acts or omissions of non-employees (students).

Who is covered?

Arizona law states that the Department of Administration shall obtain insurance or self-insure the State and its Departments, Agencies, Boards and Commissions and all officers, employees, agents, and such others as may be necessary to do the business of the State thereof against liability for acts or omissions of any nature while acting in authorized governmental or proprietary capacities and in the course and scope of employment or authorization.

Coverage applies to activities sponsored by ASU, have an ASU employee/advisor directly supervising all activities, and are part of the mission.

What can an organization do to minimize the risk and help protect itself from losses?

ASU provides non-employees (students) participating in off-campus university activities such as course study field trips and student organizations field activities with limited medical/health insurance coverage. However, students are encouraged to maintain their own adequate levels of health/medical insurance. Students should be asked to sign a waiver or release form containing emergency information, notification, and show proof of adequate medical insurance coverage before attending a group activity. A sample release form is available at the SORC. In addition, if the organization contracts to receive services from a third party, the organization should confirm that the third party has sufficient insurance by contacting ASU Insurance Services at 480-965-1851 for guidance. Visit ASU Insurance Services for additional information.

For comprehensive information about Student Risk Management, including suggestions to use in planning your activities, please visit the Student Risk Management web site.