Advertising and Posting


Please follow the procedures below prior to advertising on the kiosks.

  • All advertising must be factual, and should not mislead or misrepresent the real nature of event, activity, service, or commodity advertised.
  • Advertisements posted on University property by registered campus organizations or an off-campus company or group may not imply sponsorship or endorsement by the University.
  • All advertisements must bear the names of the sponsoring organizations.
  • Campus organizations are permitted to post 2 notices per kiosk, and off-campus organizations are permitted to post 1 notice per kiosk.
  • Posting on kiosks is for a 2 week period only. Your organization is responsible for removing advertisements after that 2 week period. Failure to remove advertisements may result in loss of posting privileges.
  • All advertising must avoid the promotion of excessive use of alcohol and should be consistent with ASU's policy of discouraging demeaning, sexual or discriminatory portrayal of individuals or groups.

The kiosks are the only areas on campus that provide space for advertising. Please do not place advertising materials on vehicles, University parking areas, trees, trash receptacles, benches, signs, light posts, or sidewalks. No signs will be allowed on lawn areas, windows, doors, buildings, or turf areas. Signs in planters shall be arranged so they do not damage the plant materials. Prior to placing signs or posters in the planters, please contact Ground Maintenance at 480-965-9498.

Handbills, Pamphlets or Other Materials

Registered student organizations are encouraged to disseminate information about activities and programs related to their organization. This may be accomplished by posting notices on kiosks, designated bulletin boards and distributing at the designated table or area approved by the Student Organization Resource Center. Dissemination of handbills, pamphlets or other materials must not interfere with the natural egress or ingress of pedestrian, bicycle or vehicular traffic.

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