Tempe campus laboratory accommodations procedure

To access Laboratory Accommodations through the DRC, each qualified student must:

1. Preregister for laboratory classes.

2. Contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) Disability Access Consultant and the appropriate academic department within 10 days following preregistration to request laboratory course accommodations.

Department and/or Faculty:

To facilitate equal access for qualified students in their laboratory classes, faculty or the department representative will be asked to contact the appropriate DRC Disability Access Consultant to discuss methods of implementing appropriate accommodations.

DRC Disability Access Consultant

1. Verify eligibility

2. Authorize lab aide

3. Contact the DRC administrative associate to open a job posting (at Student Employment) for a lab aide in the specific class.

4. Contact the appropriate academic department to arrange for a lab aide with class-specific knowledge and availability in the field of study.

5. Select a student with the appropriate knowledge and skills to function as a lab aide and submit hiring information to the DRC administrative associate.

6. Educate the hired lab-aide in the responsibilities and procedures of the position.

7. Check, periodically, with the student to ensure that she or he is satisfied with the assistance.

8. Recommend adaptive equipment for lab courses, if needed

9. Refer students to the DRC Supervisor of Transportation Services & Equipment Check-out, if needed

10. Consult with the student, faculty, in-class accommodations coordinator, and lab aide if needed