Alternative Format Services

With appropriate documentation, students may be eligible to receive text materials in alternative format (i.e., audio text, Braille, large print, tactile graphics, electronic-text, etc.). Students must meet with their DRC Disability Access Consultant each semester to determine if they are eligible for this accommodation and place requests for materials.

Alternate Resources

If a student does not provide complete information and materials in a timely manner, we cannot perform conversions in a timely manner. In case materials are not available on the requested delivery date, we strongly recommend that students become familiar with assistive technology that will help them access texts on their own. Such technology may include, but is not limited to:

Students are welcome to ask for assistance from the DRC Assistive Technology Lab personnel in learning how to use these programs.  Students may also wish to discuss the possibility of a reduced reading load through course balancing with their Disability Access Consultant.

For additional important information, please also read:

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