Critical Incident Response Guidelines

About the Student Assistance Coordination Committee (SACC)

The Student Assistance Coordination Committee coordinates the delivery of appropriate resources to students with behavioral and/or mental health problems in order to reduce the occurrence, duration and intensity of crisis related trauma.The Student Assistance Coordination Committee developed this publication as a quick reference for departmental response to student emergencies and needs. For information about this publication contact the Dean of Students Office at the Tempe campus (480) 965-6547.

Additional ASU Emergency Information

In addition to this document, another important university resource, Arizona State University EMERGENCY PROCEDURES, contains information specifically related to the following emergency situations:

Bomb threat
Hazardous materials incident
Medical emergencies
Personal threat, assault, or civil disturbance
Power outage
Suspicious package

ASU Emergency Procedures may be accessed at Print copies may also be requested from the ASU Police by calling (480) 965-5075.


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