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Laser Safety Manual Contents

Scope and Applicability

Overview of Safety Requirements for Lasers

Laser Safety Organization at ASU

Laser and Laser System Classification

Registration and Permits

Laser Hazard Control Requirements

Emergency Procedures

Appendix A:
Laser Hazards

Appendix B:
Controlling "Non-Beam" Hazards

Appendix C:
Exposure Limits and Laser Classification

Appendix D:
Laser Control Area Permit

Appendix E:
Medical Surveillance Form

Appendix F:
Eye Injury Wavelengths Diagram

Appendix G:
Example SOP & Safety Checklist

Appendix H:
Procedures for Establaishing Medical Surveillance

Appendix I:
ASU Radiation Safety Committee Laser Policy

Laser Safety Manual

Scope and Applicability

This manual applies to all personnel working at or visiting ASU who procure or utilize Class III and Class IV lasers and laser systems.

Procurement and user of Class I and Class II laser equipment, such as laser pointers and compact disk players, do not normally need to comply with the provisions of the manual. Any servicing , modification, or other manipulation of Class I and Class II systems resulting in access to laser radiation from embedded Class III and Class IV does fall within the scope of these manual, however. Under these conditions, the lasers will need to be registered, users trained, and appropriate control measures employed.

ASU procures and uses lasers and laser containing equipment under regulations issued by the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency (ARRA). Use of this equipment at ASU is subject to inspection and review by personnel from ARRA. In order to ensure compliance with Arizona regulations for the control of laser radiation, it is essential that personnel understand and follow provisions of this manual.

Arizona Administrative Code (AAC) for Radiation Regulatory Agency.

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