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Laser Safety Manual Contents

Scope and Applicability

Overview of Safety Requirements for Lasers

Laser Safety Organization at ASU

Laser and Laser System Classification

Registration and Permits

Laser Hazard Control Requirements

Emergency Procedures

Appendix A:
Laser Hazards

Appendix B:
Controlling "Non-Beam" Hazards

Appendix C:
Exposure Limits and Laser Classification

Appendix D:
Laser Control Area Permit

Appendix E:
Medical Surveillance Form

Appendix F:
Eye Injury Wavelengths Diagram

Appendix G:
Example SOP & Safety Checklist

Appendix H:
Procedures for Establaishing Medical Surveillance

Appendix I:
ASU Radiation Safety Committee Laser Policy

CHAPTER VI - Emergency Procedures

    6.1 Emergency Procedures

      The Office of Radiation Safety must be notified immediately in the event of any incident involving known or suspected exposure to laser radiation.

      During office hours call the ORS at extension 965-6140. During non-office hours, call ASU DPS dispatch at extension 965-3456 or dial 911.


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