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Scope and Applicability

Overview of Safety Requirements for Lasers

Laser Safety Organization at ASU

Laser and Laser System Classification

Registration and Permits

Laser Hazard Control Requirements

Emergency Procedures

Appendix A:
Laser Hazards

Appendix B:
Controlling "Non-Beam" Hazards

Appendix C:
Exposure Limits and Laser Classification

Appendix D:
Laser Control Area Permit

Appendix E:
Medical Surveillance Form

Appendix F:
Eye Injury Wavelengths Diagram

Appendix G:
Example SOP & Safety Checklist

Appendix H:
Procedures for Establaishing Medical Surveillance

Appendix I:
ASU Radiation Safety Committee Laser Policy

Appendix I - ASU Radiation Safety Committee Laser Policy

Initially Adopted: June 11, 1999


Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.0 Title 12, Chapter 1, Sections R12-1-1421, R12-1-1426, and R12-1-1436

American National Standard for the Safe Use of Lasers, ANSI Z136.1


All ASU personnel must obtain approval from the Office of Radiation Safety to work with or to access laser facilities. Approval includes documentation of appropriate pre-assignment eye examinations (ANSI Z136.1), safety training, and registration.

Only class IIIb and IV laser facilites are impacted by this policy. Other laser classes (including laser pointers and laser printers) are not covered by this policy.

Laser personnel and incidental personnel (as identified by the academic units) shall obtain the appropriate eye examinations prior to assignment for baseline surveillance, in the event of actual or suspected eye injury, and when they terminate from the university, or transfer to other duties without potential laser exposure.

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