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Scope and Applicability

Overview of Safety Requirements for Lasers

Laser Safety Organization at ASU

Laser and Laser System Classification

Registration and Permits

Laser Hazard Control Requirements

Emergency Procedures

Appendix A:
Laser Hazards

Appendix B:
Controlling "Non-Beam" Hazards

Appendix C:
Exposure Limits and Laser Classification

Appendix D:
Laser Control Area Permit

Appendix E:
Medical Surveillance Form

Appendix F:
Eye Injury Wavelengths Diagram

Appendix G:
Example SOP & Safety Checklist

Appendix H:
Procedures for Establaishing Medical Surveillance

Appendix I:
ASU Radiation Safety Committee Laser Policy

Appendix G - Example SOP & Safety Checklist

    Low Resolution Laser Induced Fluorescence Experiment, Room PSD24

    This experiment consists of an Argon Ion Innova 90 Laser, the ASU001 Tunable Dye Laser and the Minilite Nd: YAG laser.

    Safety Checks

    1. Make sure doors to the laser laboratory (D24) are closed.
    2. Make sure the laser warning lights are "On".
    3. Make sure the aperture on the Argon Ion Laser (Coherent Innova 90) on Laser Table #2 is in the "Closed" position.
    4. Make sure everyone in the room is wearing approved eye protection.

    Start Up Procedure

    1. Engage the circuit breaker on the east wall which is clearly marked "Argon Ion Laser 208 volts".
    2. Open the two (2) water valves located near the end of Laser Table #1.
    3. Check to see that water is flowing into the drain at the end of Laser Table #2.
    4. On the remote control panel for the Argon Ion Laser, ensure that the current control potentiometer is fully counter clockwise and the light regulated potentiometer is fully clockwise. Turn the key to the "On" position. Push the "On" button and note that the "Standby" light is illuminated
    5. After approximately 2 minutes, the "Standby" light will extinguish and laser action will commence when the manual "Start" button is depressed.
    6. Turn on the dye circulator on the ASU001 dye laser.
    7. Turn the chiller to the "On" position so that the dye flows through.
    8. Place a beam stop in front of the output of the dye laser.
    9. Open the aperture on the Argon Ion Innova 90 laser and note the fluorescence spot on the dye.
    10. Gradually increase the current on the Argon Ion laser until the output is approximately 2.5 watts.
    11. The ASU001 dye laser should commence to lase at this point.


    1. Close the shutter on the Minilite Nd:YAG laser on experiment #1 (low resolution LIF Beam Machine).
    2. Turn on the power switch on the back of the Minilite Laser.
    3. Activate the key on the Minilite Laser and note that the "Laser On" light is flashing.
    4. After approximately 30 seconds, the "Laser On" light remains illuminated and laser action will commence upon suppressing of the "Start" button.


    Normal operations will involve tuning the wavelength of the ASU 001 dye laser. This involves mechanically adjusting the biorefringent filter usually under computer control. The Minilite laser will also be fired externally under computer control.

    Shut Down Procedures

    Minilite Laser

    1. Suppress the "Stop" button the Minilite laser. Turn the key to the "Off" position. Turn the main power switch on the back of the unit to the "Off" position.

    Argon Ion Laser

    2. Place the shutter into the closed position. Gradually decrease the current on the Argon Ion Laser to its minimum value. Push the "Stop" button on the remote control for the laser. Turn the key to the inactive position. Let the laser cool for approximately 10 minutes and turn the water off. Disengage the main circuit breaker on the east wall of Room D24.

    ASU 001 Laser

    1. Turn the dye circulator power off. Turn the chiller off.


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